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methods of overseas EMPLOYMENT for family members

3 FAM 8110 


(CT:PER-1006;   07-08-2020)
(Office of Origin:  GTM/OE)

3 FAM 8111  Recruitment

3 FAM 8111.1  Vacancy Announcement and Application Review

(CT:PER-1006;   07-08-2020)
 (Applies to State and signatories to the State Personal Services Agreement Memo of Understanding)

All positions must be advertised for a minimum of five (5) business days from the opening date of announcement to the closing date to permit interested applicants sufficient opportunity to apply, except in cases of bona fide emergency.

a. The template Vacancy Announcement from the Office of Overseas Employment (GTM/OE) must be used.  The actual vacancy announcement should be given the widest possible distribution to ensure that it is accessible to family members.

b. Any individual, whether or not already employed by the post, may apply for the vacancy, once they have satisfied any required waiting periods.

c.  Only those candidates determined to be both eligible and qualified are referred to the hiring supervisor.

d. See most current guidance on GTM/OE Website.

3 FAM 8111.2  Post Employment Committee

(CT:PER-855;   06-26-2017)
(Applies to State and signatories to the State Personal Services Agreement Memo of Understanding)

a. To ensure equity in the selection process of eligible and qualified candidates who receive a hiring preference, a Post Employment Committee (PEC) must be established in accordance with instructions for locally recruited positions abroad and should be comprised of U. S. Direct Hire (USDH) employees who represent each agency subscribing to ICASS, when possible.

b. A cable announcing a new hiring preference will be sent out after FSFRC (3 FAM 8220) Open Enrollment begins and the FAM will be updated at that time. Until then, the hiring preference order will continue to be:

(1) Appointment Eligible Family Member (AEFM) / U.S. citizen Eligible Family Member (USEFM) who is a preference-eligible U.S. Veteran*


(3) FS on Leave Without Pay (LWOP)**

*Applicants who claim status as a preference-eligible U.S. Veteran must submit a copy of the most recent Member Copy Four (4) of the DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, and, if applicable, a letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. If claiming conditional eligibility for U.S. Veterans’ preference, applicants must submit proof of conditional eligibility.  U.S. Veterans’ preference must be claimed on the application in order to be properly taken into account.

** This level of preference applies to all Foreign Service Generalists and Specialists on LWOP.

c.  The PEC should be chaired by the Management Officer at post or his or her USDH designee.  The Management Officer or designee may not chair the PEC when serving as the selecting official for a position, or where nepotism concerns would arise.

d. The Community Liaison Office (CLO) Coordinator, as a non-voting member representing the PEC, should attend (as an observer) all interviews conducted with hiring preference candidates.  In the case where the CLO is the selecting official, another member of the PEC will attend the interview as an observer.

e. State only: The CLO will be selected by the entire PEC, or a majority of the members.  The committee’s selection for CLO is then sent to the COM for approval.


(CT:PER-1006;   07-08-2020)
(Applies to State and signatories to the State Personal Services Agreement Memo of Understanding)

All positions held by Family Member Employees, with the exception of the Expanded Professional Associates Program (EPAP) and the Consular Adjudicator Program (CA-AEFM), must be classified in accordance with the standards, guidelines, and procedures established by the Office of Overseas Employment (GTM/OE), the office responsible for classification authority for locally recruited positions.  Positions determined to be equivalent to typical entry level positions for Foreign Service Officers, such as EPAP, CA-AEFM, and the Professional Associates Program, may be graded using GTM/OTA’s or GTM/CDA’s applicable standards.

3 FAM 8113  Performance Evaluations

(CT:PER-1006;   07-08-2020

(Applies to State and signatories to the State Personal Services Agreement Memo of Understanding)

a. Evaluation Performance Reports (EPRs) are required for all family member employees upon completion of one year of paid service in the same local position.  The annual rating cycle is March 15 to March 14.

b. Family member employees who are departing their position (or whose supervisor is departing) and who have worked a minimum of 120 days must receive an interim EPR.  See the most current guidance on the GTM/OE website.

c.  Work Requirement Statements must be prepared and submitted by the rater within 45 days of the family member’s entry on duty and within 45 days of subsequent rating periods.

3 FAM 8114  Concurrent Personal or Non-personal Services Contracts

(CT:PER-855;   06-26-2017)
(Applies to State and signatories to the State Personal Services Agreement Memo of Understanding)

Employees, including those in LWOP status, may not accept or enter into USG personal or non-personal services contracts while serving on Department of State Foreign Service limited, non-career appointments (see FAR 3.601).  The appointment must be terminated before such contract service may begin.  This restriction does not apply to appropriate employee association contracts (although ethics rules still may pose restrictions in particular cases), nor does it apply to Foreign Service Family Reserve Corps Members in the specific circumstances defined under the terms of the Class Determination and Findings issued by A/OPE and dated June 2, 2016.

3 FAM 8115  THROUGH  3 FAM 8119