15 FAM 470 

New embassy OR CONSULATE SITE selection

(CT:OBO-149;   05-08-2024)
(Office of Origin:  OBO/PRE/OAD)

15 FAM 471  Goals in the site selection process

(CT:OBO-36;   10-31-2013)

The site and location of an embassy or consulate has practical as well as symbolic implications.  The Department of State is committed to selecting sites for new embassies and consulates that ensure the safety of the mission enhance the conduct of diplomacy, and best represent the U.S. Government and American values.  The aim of the site selection process is to identify at least one viable site for recommendation as a preferred site and one as a back-up site.

15 FAM 471.1  Advance Diplomacy with Location

(CT:OBO-36;   10-31-2013)

The site selection process is an opportunity to advance U.S. diplomatic goals, and express representational values in the future diplomatic facility.  Attributes of the preferred location include:

(1)  Considering American values in promoting a sense of openness, accessibility, and transparency through location;

(2)  Proximity to key host-government facilities, embassies of other countries, and businesses and cultural centers; and

(3)  An urban setting that provides connectivity to public transportation and infrastructure, making the mission accessible to visitors and clients.

15 FAM 471.2  Meet Operational Objectives

(CT:OBO-36;   10-31-2013)

The best sites successfully meet operational requirements to support all aspects of the diplomatic mission.  Preferred functional values of the new site include:

(1)  Accommodating all functional requirements in one location with potential for growth;

(2)  Roadway adjacencies and site geometry that allow for clear separation of embassy and consular functions, public circulation from employee and service flows, and future expansion;

(3)  Proximity to existing or planned housing of employees, and existing or planned support facilities of the post; and

(4)  Sustainable design strategies promoting energy and water efficiency and lowering the long-term cost of ownership.

15 FAM 471.3  Consider Security Measures

(CT:OBO-149;   05-08-2024)

The site selection for a new embassy or a consulate is a critical step in establishing a successful security program for the facility.  The physical characteristics and location of a site impact its overall security.  See updated 12 FAM 316 for a list of security criteria in the site selection process.

15 FAM 472  site selection acquisition is a multi-step Process

(CT:OBO-36;   10-31-2013)

Sites are selected for acquisition through a multi-step process to ensure compliance with the goals of 15 FAM 471.  The following general milestones in the site selection process ensure that the selected site delivers the best option to the U.S. Government in meeting security, representational, and functional goals.

15 FAM 472.1  Establish Preferred Areas and Neighborhoods

(CT:OBO-36;   10-31-2013)

In the site selection search, the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) and post establish preferred areas and neighborhoods in the city, as the initial step of the site selection process and integrate overall security concerns in the search for potential sites and in the selection process.

15 FAM 472.2  Pre-screen Initial Sites

(CT:OBO-149;   05-08-2024)

OBO and the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) inspect potential sites for compliance with general planning and security criteria.

15 FAM 472.3  Conduct Multi-disciplinary Site Evaluation Using Consistent Evaluation Criteria

(CT:OBO-149;   05-08-2024)

To ensure an objective and consistent evaluation of selected sites, an OBO site evaluation team, in collaboration with representatives of the post, DS, and other stakeholders, assesses the characteristics of all viable sites based on the following criteria:

·         Location

·         Development

·         Security

·         Communications

·         Planning/Zoning

·         Environmental attributes and liabilities (e.g., earthquake, flood, and high wind risks)

·         Acquisition management

15 FAM 472.4  Assess Site Performance During Due Diligence

(CT:OBO-149;   05-08-2024)

OBO develops detailed site utilization plans for selected site(s).  DS reviews site utilization plans for compliance with security considerations.

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