Foreign Affairs Manual:

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1 FAM Organization and Functions
2 FAM General
     2 FAH-1 Foreign Affairs Manual Handbook
     2 FAH-2 Post Management Organization
     2 FAH-3 Vital Presence Validation Process Handbook
3 FAM Personnel
     3 FAH-1 Personnel Operations Handbook
     3 FAH-3 Maternity, Surrogacy, and Adoption Handbook
4 FAM Financial Management
     4 FAH-1 Account Structure and Classification Codes Handbook
     4 FAH-2 Disbursing Officer Handbook
     4 FAH-3 Financial Management Procedures Handbook
5 FAM Information Management
     5 FAH-1 Correspondence Handbook
     5 FAH-2 Telecommunications Handbook
     5 FAH-3 TAGS/Terms Handbook
     5 FAH-4 Records Management Handbook
     5 FAH-5 Information Technology Systems Handbook
     5 FAH-6 Communications Security
     5 FAH-7 Department Graphics Standards Handbook
     5 FAH-8 Web Development Handbook
     5 FAH-11 Information Assurance Handbook
6 FAM General Services
     6 FAH-5 International Cooperative Administrative Support Services Handbook
7 FAM Consular Affairs
8 FAM FAM Passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad
10 FAM Public, Educational, and Cultural Affairs
     10 FAH-1 Public Diplomacy Handbook
11 FAM Legal and Political Affairs
12 FAM Diplomatic Security
     12 FAH-12 Accountability Review Board Procedures
13 FAM Training and Professional Development
     13 FAH-1 Foreign Service Institute Handbook
14 FAM Logistics Management
     14 FAH-1 Personal Property Management Handbook
     14 FAH-2 Contracting Officer's Representative Handbook
     14 FAH-3 Acquisition Career Management Handbook
     14 FAH-4 Pouch and Mail Handbook
     14 FAH-5 Diplomatic Post Office Handbook
15 FAM Overseas Buildings Operations
     15 FAH-1 Facilities Maintenance Handbook
16 FAM Medical
     16 FAH-1 Operational Medicine Handbook
18 FAM Programs, Practices, and Planning