5 FAM 1300 
Publications & Related Services

5 FAM 1310 

Publication and GraphicS policy and PRoGRAM

(CT:IM-208;   05-29-2018)
(Office of Origin:  A/GIS/GPS)

5 FAM 1311  General


(CT:IM-107;   06-09-2009)

The Office of Global Publishing Solutions (A/GIS/GPS) provides information through print, graphics, and other digital media consistent with applicable statutes and regulations.  We are the Department’s central printing and publications management organization, authorized under Title 44, United State Code (U.S.C.) and the Government Printing and Binding Regulations.  We are also a member of the Working Capital Fund (WCF).  As a member of the WCF, we provide an efficient method of financing centralized support services for the Department by fostering cost-consciousness and efficiency for both the users and suppliers of services.  This provides program managers with direct control over the use of funds and promotes cost-benefit analyses in making spending decisions.

5 FAM 1311.2  Definitions

(CT:IM-208;   05-29-2018)

Printing:  As used in these regulations, the term “printing” should be construed to include and apply to certain types of composition, printing, binding, and related or auxiliary equipment utilizing newly developed or improved processes or new principles of operation, such as integrated printing systems connected with applications of computer technology.  (See Government Printing and Binding Regulations, paragraph 1-1.)

Duplicating/Copying:  As used in these regulations, the term “duplicating/copying” means that material produced by equipment employing the lithographic process, and automatic copy-processing or copier-duplicating machines employing electrostatic, ink-jet, thermal, or other copying processes.  (See Government Printing and Binding Regulations, paragraph 2-1.)

Government Publication:  Information which is published as an individual document at U.S. Government expense, or as required by law.  (See 44 U.S.C. 1901.)

Audiovisual production:  A unified presentation, developed according to a plan or script, containing visual imagery, sound or both, and is used to convey information.  (See OMB Circular A-130.)

Dissemination:  The U.S. Government initiated distribution of information to the public.  Not considered dissemination within the meaning of this Circular is distribution limited to U.S. Government employees or agency contractors or grantees, intra- or inter-agency use or sharing of U.S. Government information, and responses to requests for agency records under the Freedom of Information Act  (FOIA) (5 U.S.C. 552).  (See OMB Circular A-130.)

Government information:  Information created, collected, processed, disseminated, or disposed of by or for the Federal Government.  (See OMB Circular A-130.)

Information:  Any communication or representation of knowledge, such as facts, data, or opinions in any medium of form, including textual, numerical, graphic, cartographic, narrative, or audiovisual forms.  (See OMB Circular A-130.)

Information dissemination product:  Any book, paper, map, machine-readable material, audiovisual production, or other documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristic, disseminated by an agency to the public.  (See OMB Circular A-130.)

Publishing management:  The coordinated process of monitoring all steps in U.S. Government publication production, and information dissemination products, including planning, designing, writing, editing, publishing, and disseminating, to achieve the most efficient and economical use of resources.

5 FAM 1312  Objectives

(CT:IM-107;   06-09-2009)

The main objectives of A/GIS/GPS are to:

(1)  Ensure all Department publications and information dissemination products produced by the Department are consistent with administration goals and priorities and with the Department’s responsibilities, authority, and mission.

(2)  Produce and disseminate Department publications and other information dissemination products at the lowest cost consistent with high professional and technical standards.

(3)  Assure efficient and economical use of resources and consideration of alternative resources in the design, publishing, and distribution of Department publications and other information dissemination products.

5 FAM 1313  Authorities

(CT:IM-172;   12-15-2015)

a. Title 44 (Public Printing and Documents) of the U.S.C. applies to all printing and related activities of Federal agencies.

b. The Government Printing and Binding Regulations, issued by the Congressional Joint Committee on Printing, prescribe the policies and procedures for agencies to follow.

c.  OMB Circular No. A-130 establishes policy for the management of Federal information resources.

d. Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform (FITARA) is Title VIII Subtitle D Sections 831-837 of Public Law 113-291 - Carl Levin and Howard P. "Buck" McKeon National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015;

e. OMB Memorandum (M-15-14); Management and Oversight of Federal Information Technology; and

f.  Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 8.8, 48 CFR 8.8, governs acquisition of printing and related supplies.

5 FAM 1314  RESPONSIBiLities for Department Publication activities

(CT:IM-208;   05-29-2018)

a. The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (PA) and the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Information Services (A/GIS) are jointly responsible for overseeing Department of State publication activities.

b. The Bureau of Administration through A/GIS/GPS establishes policies and provides services for the effective and efficient production of printed matter either in-house or by the Government Publishing Office (GPO) or A/GIS/GPS contractors.  A/GIS/GPS is the Department’s liaison to the GPO, and employees must go through A/GIS/GPS to contract GPO services on behalf of the Department.  A/GIS/GPS must review and approve all Department publications primarily distributed within the United States in order to issue required publication numbers.

c.  Public Affairs must review and approve Department publications that are intended for release to the public.

5 FAM 1315  Publishing Management responsibilities

(CT:IM-107;   06-09-2009)

a. As the Department’s central printing and publications management organization, A/GIS/GPS has responsibility for:

(1)  Coordinating a Department-wide program for the development, production, procurement, and distribution of materials through the use of printing and binding methods, as well as duplication/copying methods;

(2)  Identifying where printing is to be requisitioned based on current Federal law and regulations; and

(3)  Assuring the consistent presentation of the Department’s identification in publications.

b. The Office Director of A/GIS/GPS is also the Department’s Publishing Management Officer.  The Publishing Management Officer coordinates all requests for printing and reproduction where the published documents will be primarily distributed within the United States.  The Director assures compliance with Federal law and regulations issued by the Congressional Joint Committee on Printing, the GPO, and the OMB.  The Publishing Management Officer also:

(1)  Reviews all such requests consistent with prevailing regulations and the Department’s 5 FAH-7, Graphics Standards Handbook;

(2)  Establishes standards for publications and ensures guidelines are contained in the 5 FAH-7, Graphics Standards Handbook;

(3)  Institutes procedures to assure that substance and content of Department publications are reviewed and cleared by appropriate offices before printing or reproduction occurs; and

(4)  Advises offices on the correct methods to procure printing where the documents will primarily be distributed abroad and hence are not subject to Title 44 restrictions.

5 FAM 1316  Services A/GIS/GPS offers to the Department and other agencies

(CT:IM-208;   05-29-2018)

To meet our objectives, we offer the following products and services:

(1)  Printing:  A/GIS/GPS provides a full range of publishing services, including designing, proofreading, color printing, and a variety of binding options.  With three locations worldwide (i.e., Washington, DC at the Harry S Truman (HST) building, Vienna (except for printing), and Manila), A/GIS/GPS can economically produce the highest-quality publications.  A/GIS/GPS can consolidate orders, coordinate translations, and manage fulfillment and global distribution services for the Department or any other U.S. Government agency with printing and distribution requirements abroad.

(2)  Reproduction and Distribution:  A/GIS/GPS’ primary objectives for Reproduction and Distribution Services are product quality, rapid delivery, and customer satisfaction.  We reproduce, bind, distribute, and deliver U.S. Government publications issued by, and on behalf of, the Department to offices within the Department, posts abroad, Federal agencies, and the general public.  We can also mount and laminate maps and posters as well as reproduce CD-ROMs and DVDs.

(3)  Graphics:  A/GIS/GPS provides professional graphics design services for publications and reports; creates custom artwork from abstract concepts; and combines drawings and photographs into production-ready products. We also offer Web page design as well as art direction that integrate creativity, strategy, and technology across many different disciplines.  Global Publishing Solutions (GPS) is a leader in the Department in creating interactive, multimedia applications including presentations, CD-ROMs and marketing materials.  Our products use a wide variety of features, including digital video, animation, animated text, sound effects, soundtrack/music, and user interactivity.

(4)  Information Support:  A/GIS/GPS provides premastering services for electronic publications, document scanning, and file conversion to Adobe PDF and other formats.  We index documents, create links, and develop navigation elements for electronic documents.

(5)  Editorial Services:  A/GIS/GPS provides professional editing and proofreading of manuscripts.  We review documents for style and consistency, correct mistakes in spelling and grammar, and suggest rewrites or reorganization of text when necessary.  We also offer free initial client consultation to discuss the length, breadth, and intricacies of the proposed publication.

(6)  Copier Management:  A/GIS/GPS offers the latest and most innovative copiers on the market through our Copier Management Program.  Membership in this program saves the customer money and relieves bureaus of administrative responsibilities.  Copier Management does all the work by selecting and purchasing the appropriate copier based on an office’s specific needs and at a substantially reduced cost as compared to a direct purchase or lease from vendors.  Copier Management provides unlimited customer training, maintenance, and supplies.

(7)  Digital Services:  A/GIS/GPS can enable technical solutions for your printed product and develop digital products.  We design stand-alone products that are useable from CD-ROMs and DVDs, or from your desktop.  We integrate CD-ROM operational features, design interfaces, and “extras,” such as installation routines or auto-run file features.  We create applications that support data entry systems that automate business processes with database storage components.  We can create technical solutions to assist you with your information dissemination.  In addition to CD-ROMs, we can devise methods of distribution using the Department’s existing network and e-mail infrastructure.  We adhere to the Department’s information technology (IT) strategic goals, use approved Intranet technologies, and produce Section 508 compliant products.

(8)  Business Cards:  A/GIS/GPS is the official source of professionally printed business cards.  Our objective is to ensure Department business cards will be uniformly recognizable.

5 FAM 1317  How to Obtain A/GIS/GPS Products and Services

5 FAM 1317.1  Printing, Graphics, Editorial, Reproduction, Distribution, and Digital Services

(CT:IM-208;   05-29-2018)

a. The Customer Service Center (CSC) is the initial point of contact for all of Global Publishing Solutions (GPS) products and services.  You will be assigned a personal customer service representative who will answer your questions, provide cost estimates, track the progress of your job, and inform you of delivery schedules.  We highly recommend you take advantage of our advance consultation and planning service to discuss the length, breadth, and intricacies of your project.  This will allow us to determine the best combination of the production options mentioned above to meet your needs and make recommendations that could prove beneficial.

b. As a member of the WCF, submitting a job request to A/GIS/GPS for printing, graphics, editorial, reproduction, distribution, and digital services requires an advance obligation of funds by an authorized budget officer.  Therefore, you must complete and submit a Form DS-5        Requisition for Publishing, Reproduction, and Distribution Services.  To know the amount needed, it is necessary to first submit the job specification to our Customer Service Center to obtain a budget estimate.  In cases where sources abroad or commercial sources will be used, the process of obtaining the estimate/low bidder may take several days, so plan your project accordingly.  Once the estimate is known, have the authorized budget official sign, date, and complete the fiscal data section at the bottom of the Form DS-5.  Although A/GIS/GPS will not delay the initial evaluation of the job while awaiting the completed fiscal data portion of the Form DS-5, the job cannot be produced until this authorization is received.  As for the other sections of the form, one of our Customer Service representatives will assist you in completing the form.  Form DS-5        is available on the Intranet at A/GIS/GPS Web site; or you can obtain it from our HST location.  You can also use our Web site to order A/GIS/GPS services online, but a Form DS-5        is still required.

5 FAM 1317.2  Photocopiers

(CT:IM-107;   06-09-2009)

a. As required by the Government Printing and Binding Regulations and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.802(b), the Office of Global Publishing Solutions, Production Division (A/GIS/GPS/PRD) has the responsibility for acquiring and managing small and large volume copiers for the Department.  A large volume copier is one with the capability of producing more than 60,000 copies per month.  Our Customer Service Center is the first stop for the Department’s posts, bureaus and offices requiring a photocopier.  We do require you to submit Form DS-1863 Request for Acquisition of Photocopier, so we can analyze your requirements and recommend the appropriate copier to meet your needs.  Copies of Form DS-1863 are available from the A/GIS/DIR Web site.  Each bureau and office has two acquisition options:

(1)  The bureau or office will be responsible for purchasing or leasing one of the copiers recommended by A/GIS/GPS/PRD using their own funds.  They will also be responsible for purchasing supplies and paper, and providing maintenance on the copier; or

(2)  The bureau or office agrees to participate in the Department’s centralized copier program.  The program is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.  This option can save the Department money and relieves bureaus and offices of the administrative burden associated with copiers.  A/GIS/GPS will purchase a copier to meet the specific needs of your office.  We prepare the administrative paperwork required to obtain copiers, supervise installations, provide supplies, and arrange for maintenance or repairs.

b. For acquisition of digital copiers used to process classified information see 5 FAM 915.15-1.

c.  For the policy on unclassified and sensitive but unclassified (SBU) copiers at domestic facilities, see 5 FAM 1320.

5 FAM 1317.3  Business Cards

(CT:IM-87;   05-07-2007)

a. Business cards are very simple to order.  You can place an order through the A/GIS/GPS Web site.  You will find there are many different fonts and styles to choose from and you have input in the formatting of your card.  If you prefer, you can come to the A/GIS/GPS Customer Service Center to place your order.

b. Posts, bureaus and offices may authorize the purchase of business cards for employees who need them to extend courtesies or conform to social or business custom in the context of agency-related activities.  If approved, in writing, by their office of the executive director (EX office), employees may use their post's management or counselor or bureau's operating funds to purchase business cards.

NOTE:  Employees must not use domestic representation (K funds) for business card purchases.

c.  Under certain circumstances, employees may use Diplomatic and Consular Programs (D&CP) funds to purchase business cards to facilitate necessary agency-related communications operations.  Employees should check with their post's or bureau's EX office regarding circumstances that allow for the use of D&CP funds to purchase business cards.  Employees who qualify to use D&CP funds should obtain approval, in writing, from their EX office.

5 FAM 1318  Services available Online

(CT:IM-107;   06-09-2009)

In following the larger, inevitable trend toward non-paper based information exchange and the aim of creating more valuable communication assets, A/GIS/GPS offers the following online services.

5 FAM 1318.1  Certificates Online

(CT:IM-87;   05-07-2007)

Certificate Online is an Intranet-based application developed for submitting and tracking certificate requests.  The Certificate Online Application (COLA) allows you to enter all your certificate information online, as well as provide direct access to change or delete certificate information anytime before that certificate begins processing.  It is also designed to improve the quality of certificates by reducing time spent correcting typographical errors created by re-keying information.  COLA provides real time certificate tracking on the progress of each certificate you submit.

5 FAM 1318.2  Post Reports Online

(CT:IM-208;   05-29-2018)

Post Report Online is comprised of three main parts:

(1)  A browser-based interface for the Department’s community to access Post Reports.  Using a database to house the information, this system allows users to select, view, and print any Post Report offered by A/GIS.

(2)  A browser-based application for authorized users at posts to edit their Post Reports.  The system allows editors to call up their Post Report and edit by section using a WYSIWIG interface similar to Microsoft Word.  All changes are made live to the Intranet site without A/GIS intervention.

(3)  A browser-based, front-end management component that allows authorized A/GIS employees to administer accounts, passwords, images and postings.  This interface also provides access to other relevant reports.


(CT:IM-153;   09-09-2014)

To meet its objectives, A/GIS is the business owner of the following “value-added” functions dedicated to compiling, re-purposing, and disseminating electronic information.

(1)  Telephone Directory:  A/GIS is responsible for maintaining and distributing the Department of State Telephone Directory.  The Directory contains information, such as the Organizational Directory, Alphabetical Directory, and Key Officers List.  It is typically printed once a year in paper format, distributed domestically and abroad.  A/GIS hosts the entire directory electronically on its OpenNet Intranet site.  Portions of the Directory are hosted on ClassNet and the Internet by the Department’s FOIA office.  Instructions on how to up-date information in the Telephone Directory can be found on the A/GIS Web site or by contacting the A/GIS Customer Service Center.

(2)  Department Notices:  A/GIS is responsible for distributing Department Notices to the Department.  A/GIS posts the information on its OpenNet Intranet site.  Once a day, A/GIS sends out an e-mail with the titles of the notices and announcements posted in the previous 24 hours.  Emergency Notices are distributed whenever they are received.  The same process is repeated on ClassNet.  Instructions on how to submit Department Notices can be found on the A/GIS Web site.