8 FAM 105
Where to go to Resolve a Problem

8 FAM 105.1

Requesting Support

(CT:CITZ-18;   04-09-2019)
(Office of Origin:  CA/PPT/S/A)

8 FAM 105.1-1  Technical Support

(CT:CITZ-1;   06-27-2018)

a. For assistance with systems, American Citizen Services (ACS) or technical issues, (e.g., rejecting a book and how to resend the application information, system functionality questions regarding American Citizen Record Query (ACRQ) or Passport Information Electronic Records System), contact the Consular Affairs Support Desk at CAservicedesk@state.gov.

b. For technical questions on system outages/disruptions, please contact CA/PPT/S/TO at CA-PPT-TO-ITL@state.gov and copy the appropriate regional director.

c.  Please direct all technical questions regarding remote adjudication to the Directorate of Passport Services, Support Operations, Office of Technical Operations, Information Technology Liaison (CA/PPT/S/TO/ITL) at CA-PPT-TO-ITL@state.gov.

8 FAM 105.1-2  Adjudication Support

(CT:CITZ-1;   06-27-2018)

a. Questions about the following issues should be sent to be sent to the Office of Adjudication, Policy Division (CA/PPT/S/A/AP) at AskPPTAdjudication@state.gov:

(1)  Adjudication of U.S. citizenship or non-citizen U.S. nationality;

(2)  General passport and consular report of birth abroad (CRBA) guidance;

(3)  Void and voidable marriages;

(4)  Information request letters and information notices;

(4)  Legitimation and custody laws;

(5)  Name usage and name changes;

(6)  Place of birth;

(7)  Social security numbers;

(8)  Sex change/transition;

(9)  Runaways;

(10) Non-parental custody;

(11) Counter procedures;

(12) System outages/disruptions.

b. Consular officers must first consult a supervisory consular officer or regional consular officer regarding questions about examination and adjudication of passport applications.

c.  Passport agencies/centers:

(1)  If a passport specialist cannot resolve a problem using the appropriate tools and resources (such as the 8 FAM), passport specialists must consult their passport specialist mentor (if assigned) or supervisor with questions about examination and adjudication of passport applications; and

(2)  Passport agency/center management must refer questions regarding examination and adjudication of passport applications that cannot be settled at the passport agency/center level.

8 FAM 105.1-3  Legal Support

8 FAM 105.1-3(A)  Legal Affairs Division

(CT:CITZ-18;   04-09-2019)

a. CA/PPT/S/L/LA, on occasion in coordination with the Office of the Legal Adviser for Consular Affairs (L/CA), assist passport agencies/centers and posts in such adjudications where complex legal issues arise.  Legal issues that cannot be resolved at post or by passport agency/center management must be referred by consular officers to AskPPTLegal@state.gov (please also copy AskPPTAdjudication@state.gov on your email), including:

(1)  If a custody order is not clear that one parent has sole authority to make the decision to obtain a passport for the child;

(2)  If a court order is not clear that it is authorizing issuance of a passport to the child;

(3)  Questions regarding court order authorizing issuance of a U.S. passport to the child; and

(4)  Questions regarding “Protection”, “Stay Away”, “No Contact”, or “Restraining” orders.

b. CA/PPT/S/L/LA is responsible for revocation of U.S. passports and cancelation of a form FS-240, Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America.  (See 8 FAM 804.1 for guidance about revocation of a passport.)

c.  CA/PPT/S/L/LA also coordinates with the Division for Vital Statistics, National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  (See 7 FAM 1414 on issues related to passports and birth certificates.)

d. Only CA/PPT/S/L may implement restrictions on the use of a passport for travel to certain countries (22 CFR 51.63) or authorize validation of a passport for travel to certain countries (22 CFR 51.64) (see 8 FAM 1303.1, "Restriction on Use of Passport for Travel to Designated Countries and Passport Validation").

8 FAM 105.1-3(B)  Law Enforcement Liaison Division

(CT:CITZ-1;   06-27-2018)

If you have questions regarding sharing or disclosing of U.S. citizen consular records, direct them to CA/PPT/S/L/LE at AskPPTLegal@state.gov.

8 FAM 105.1-3(C)  Consular Lost and Stolen Passports (CLASP) Staff

(CT:CITZ-1;   06-27-2018)

(U) The mailing address for the CLASP staff is:

U.S. Department of State
Consular Lost And Stolen Passport Unit (CLASP)


44132 Mercure Circle

P.O. Box 1227

Sterling, VA 20166-1227

Telephone (public): 202-485-6600

Email:  CLASP@state.gov


Posts abroad should continue to send the above documentation to CA/PPT via diplomatic pouch, as appropriate.

8 FAM 105.1-4  Records Support

(CT:CITZ-1;   06-27-2018)

a. The Vital Records Section of Passport Services (CA/PPT/S/TO/RS/DO/VR) is an integral part of the Records Services Division of Passport Services.  The section’s mission is to manage the various vital records under the purview of the Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) and to issue certified or authenticated copies of such records pursuant to authorized requests.  CA/PPT/S/TO/RS/DO/VR also affixes apostilles on consular birth, marriage, and death records in accordance with The Hague Legalization Convention (see 7 FAM 876).

b. The CA/PPT/S/TO/RS/DO/VR reviews the citizenship status of those requesting authenticated copies of an issued form FS-240 to ensure that the subject of the record is still a U.S. citizen.  CA/PPT/S/TO/RS/DO/VR denies the release of records when it determines that the subject is not a U.S. citizen or that the requester is not eligible to receive the information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or Privacy Act (PA).  Vital Records does not revoke or cancel a form FS-240.

c.  Correction, amendment, certification and replacement:

(1)  CA/PPT/S/TO/RS/DO/VR amends and/or corrects form FS-240 to reflect name and other vital data changes due to adoptions, or other legal alterations, as well as typographic errors (see 8 FAM 1001.3, "Rewriting a form DS-240").  Requests received by CA/PPT/S/TO/RS/DO/VR for correction, amendment, certification, or replacement are processed in Washington, DC, but printed by the New Orleans Passport Center.  Form DS-1350, Certification of Birth, will no longer be issued.  Rather, authenticated/apostilled copies of form FS-240 will be issued;

(2)  Serving as the registrar of vital records for the Department, CA/PPT/S/TO/RS/DO/VR issues certified replacements of the form FS-240, which are available in multiple copies (see 8 FAM 1001.6, "Replacing a CRBA").  As appropriate, records may be excluded or excised prior to release in accordance with the FOIA and PA (see 7 FAM 060 and 8 FAM 1203.1, "Release of Information from Passport Files").  Forms FS-240 are not excised.

e. Posts in need of assistance from the CA/PPT/S/TO/RS/DO/VR should direct their inquiries to AskCRBASVitalRecords@state.gov.

f.  Panama Canal Zone birth certificates alone are not proof of U.S. citizenship.  All requests for consular vital records or Panama Canal Zone birth and death records must be mailed using the exact address including street address, P.O. box number, and nine digit zip code:

U.S. Department of State

Passport Vital Records Section


44132 Mercure Circle
P.O. Box 1213

Sterling, VA 20166-1213


Posts abroad should continue to send the above documentation to CA/PPT via diplomatic pouch, as appropriate.


g. Requests should include all available information pertaining to the event or document desired.  In addition to a return address, the requester should include a daytime telephone number or email address in the event more information is required.  The written request must be notarized and include a photocopy of the requester’s valid driver's license or other government-issued identification card (see 8 FAM 1001.6).  Appropriate fees must be provided by check or money order, payable through a U.S. bank.  Current fees, along with additional information, are available on the Bureau of Consular Affairs Internet page or by calling the Passport Services Vital Records Section’s automated line at 202-485-8300.

8 FAM 105.1-6  Overseas Passport Issuance Program Support

(CT:CITZ-1;   06-27-2018)

a. (U) For passport issuance verification, return mail verification, missing passport shipments, or if post is not receiving email notification of shipments, contact post’s OPDP partner agency/center at either OPDP-APC@state.gov or OPDP-TPC@state.gov.

b. (U) To offer suggestions for improvements on the overall overseas passport issuance program, contact the CA OPDP liaisons at CA-OPDP-Working-Group@state.gov.  The CA OPDP Working Group is a standing joint working group comprised of senior officers from CA/OCS and CA/PPT.

c.  (U) The mailing address for the Arkansas Passport Center is:

U.S. Department of State

Arkansas Passport Center

44132 Mercure Circle

P.O. Box 1003

Sterling, VA 20166-1003

8 FAM 105.1-7  Requesting Supplies

(CT:CITZ-1;   06-27-2018)

Posts are responsible for monitoring their supply of emergency photo-digitized passport (EPDP), biodata foils, and endorsement foils Post must order them well in advance via email to CASUPPLIES@STATE.GOV.  Questions concerning how to order consular seals, consular supplies, visa foils, EPDP passport books, and other items ordered through CA/EX/GSD must be sent to CASUPPLIES@STATE.GOV.  Post must also use that email to inquire about the status of previous orders and to report transfer and return of consular supplies.

8 FAM 105.1-8  Remote Adjudication

(CT:CITZ-1;   06-27-2018)

Please direct all general questions regarding the remote adjudication program to CA-PPT-MAC-MP@state.gov.

8 FAM 105.1-9  Unauthorized Access to U.S. Citizen Consular Records

(CT:CITZ-1;   06-27-2018)

If you have questions or concerns regarding unauthorized access of U.S. citizen consular records, direct them to CA/FPP/CID at ConsularIntegrity@state.gov.