9 FAM 202
Non-visa travelers

9 FAM 202.1

U.S. citizens and nationals

(CT:VISA-1324;   07-21-2021)
(Office of Origin:  CA/VO)

9 fam 202.1-1  statutory and regulatory Authorities

9 FAM 202.1-1(A)  Immigration and Nationality Act

(CT:VISA-611;   06-27-2018)

INA 215(b) (8 U.S.C. 1185(b))

9 FAM 202.1-1(B)  Code of Federal Regulations

(CT:VISA-611;   06-27-2018)

22 CFR 40.2(a)

9 fam 202.1-2  Non-Visa Travelers

(CT:VISA-1324;   07-21-2021)

a. See 9 FAM 301.3-3 for guidance on visa applications for individuals who may be United States citizens.  

b. Child Born in the United States to Noncitizens on Official Assignment:   See 9 FAM 301.3-3 for guidance on processing these visa applications, including the process for verifying citizenship for children of foreign mission members (CFMM Check).

c.  Dual U.S. National Children: You should advise parents who apply for visas for dual national children that regulations prohibit the issuance of a visa or other documentation to a U.S. citizen or national for entry into the United States as a noncitizen.

d. For guidance on U.S. Passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad, see 8 FAM.  For documentary evidence of U.S. citizenship specifically, see 8 FAM 303.1