9 FAM 601.10

Visa Fraud Prevention

(CT:VISA-1157;   09-17-2020)
(Office of Origin: CA/VO)

9 FAM 601.10-1  fraud prevention overview

(CT:VISA-840;   06-04-2019)   

Fraud prevention is a key element of national security that requires active, organized efforts within the Department, at domestic issuing offices, and at all posts abroad. It is a partnership involving the Bureaus of Consular Affairs (CA), Diplomatic Security (DS), and other agency partners at our offices worldwide.  See 7 FAH-1 H-920 for information on consular fraud and 7 FAH-1 H-930 for guidelines on organizing fraud prevention efforts.  7 FAH-1 H-940 includes important information on managing a Fraud Prevention Unit overseas.

9 FAM 601.10-2  Visa Processing and Fraud Concerns

(CT:VISA-1073;   05-05-2020)

You must be aware of the potential for fraud in all aspects of visa processing.  Applicants may commit identity fraud, claim relations that don't exist or misrepresent their qualifications in order to receive a visa for which they are not qualified.  The CA/FPP home page on CAWeb provides a thorough discussion of the different aspects IV and NIV fraud as well as the potential for fraud specific to certain visa categories.  Review all of this information, paying close attention to those categories that are predominant at your post.

9 FAM 601.10-3  priorities and resources in combating visa fraud

(CT:VISA-1073;   05-05-2020)

See 7 FAH-1 H-941 paragraph c for how to prioritize your fraud casework. Regarding resources, the CA/FPP home page on CAWeb has extensive links to useful references and resources supporting a robust fraud prevention program.  All consular officers and fraud prevention managers should be familiar with its content and organization and refer to it regularly to check on new postings and developments.  It contains the Fraud Prevention Operational Tool Kit, Intelligence Alerts, Fraud Digest, Self-Instructional Guides, and many other valuable tools for managing an effective fraud program.  See also 7 FAH-1 H-942.2 on requesting resources for fraud prevention activities.