14 FAM 620


(CT:LOG-287;   08-24-2020)
(Office of Origin:  A/LM)


14 FAM 621.1  Places of Storage of Household Effects

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

a. State and USAID:  Storage of effects is authorized at the Department's designated facilities located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for employees transferring from Washington, DC or effects located in Washington, DC which are approved for placement in storage.  For transfers and appointments from other U.S. locations, storage of effects is authorized at Hagerstown, Maryland.  For other authorized locations for posts worldwide, see 14 FAM Exhibit 621.

b. Commerce, and Agriculture:  Storage of effects may be authorized at the place where the effects are located or, if no adequate storage is available at such place, at the nearest authorized storage point.  See 14 FAM Exhibit 621 for post's designated storage locations.

c.  The Department or any other Foreign Affairs agency may, at its discretion, transfer effects in storage under contracts between the Department or agency and the storage firm, from one storage firm to another, when deemed necessary for the proper protection of the effects or when in the best interest of the U.S. Government, without the U.S. Government's incurring any liability arising out of the transfer.  The Department or agency assumes no obligation, apart from claims payable under 31 U.S.C. Chapter 37, Sections 3711 through 3713, nor will it undertake any services with respect to effects not in storage under contracts between the Department or agency and the storage firm.

14 FAM 621.2  Temporary Storage of Household Effects

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

Temporary storage of household goods at U.S. Government expense may be allowable only when such storage is incident to transportation of the household goods at U.S. Government expense (see 14 FAM 621.4).

14 FAM 621.3  Continuous Storage of Household Effects

(CT:LOG-287;   08-24-2020)
(Foreign Service)

a. Continuous storage of household effects is authorized when a member of the Foreign Service is assigned or transferred to a post abroad or to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations (USUN) in New York and the member cannot ship the entire combined shipment and storage allowance (18,000 pounds; see 14 FAM 611.6-1).

b. Continuous storage of household effects is authorized when a Foreign Service employee is assigned or transferred to points within the United States other than Washington, DC on assignments of 1 year or less—when to do so would be more economical to the U.S. Government than the cost of shipment.   Continuous storage of household effects is authorized when a Foreign Service employee is assigned to Washington, DC on an assignment of 1 year or less when such storage is determined to be in the public interest or to be more economical to the U.S. Government than the cost of shipment.  This determination will be made by the HR Director, OFSHC, for Commerce; the Director of the International Services Division, Office of Foreign Service Operations for USDA/Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS); and by the Executive Director of the Bureau of Global Talent Management (GTM/EX) for State.

c.  Continuous storage for Foreign Service employees assigned or transferred to Washington, DC or other points within the United States on assignments exceeding 1 year may be authorized when such storage is determined to be in the public interest or to be more economical to the U.S. Government than the cost of shipment.  Such determination will be made by:

(1)  For State employees:  The Executive Director of the Bureau of Global Talent Management (GTM/EX);

(2)  For Commerce employees:  The HR Director, OFSHC;

(3)  For USDA/FAS employees:  The Director of the International Services Division (FAS/OFSO/ISD); and

(4)  For USAID employees:  The post, bureau or independent office providing funding must submit an action memo to the Travel and Transportation Division Chief (M/MS/TTD) for consideration and approval.

14 FAM 621.4  Emergency Storage of Household Effects

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

When specifically authorized, an employee may store furniture, household and personal effects, and a privately owned motor vehicle for the duration of the emergency and for an additional period not to exceed 3 months.

14 FAM 621.5  Authority

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

Section 901 of the Foreign Service Act of 1980 (22 U.S.C. 4081), as amended, authorizes the Secretary to pay the storage expenses of members of the Service and their families when the member is absent from post of assignment or when assigned to a location where furniture and household and personal effects cannot be taken or at which they cannot be used, or when it is in the public interest or more economical to authorize storage.


(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

a. The Department stores all household effects (HHE) domestically in the Washington, DC metropolitan area or Hagerstown, Maryland.  Department-designated storage facilities for all posts worldwide are located at Antwerp, Belgium and Hagerstown, Maryland.  See 14 FAM Exhibit 621 for posts' designated storage locations.

b. Use of public storage facilities, e.g., those entities which do not control access to the facility and which offer storage based on area or volume without regard to controlling weight, are not recognized as places of storage unless specifically authorized in the employee's travel authorization.

14 FAM 622.1  Storage in United States

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

a. For authorized storage of effects in the United States, the employing foreign affairs agency will make direct payment for the cost of packing, hauling, and preparation of effects incident to storage.

b. Employees from Foreign Affairs agencies other than State who do not have packing companies assigned to do their pack-out, must notify their employing agency (USAID, etc.), of the firm selected to store effects and the location of the effects.  The employee will notify the firm directly when and where the effects may be picked up.  The employing agency will issue a letter of authorization and instructions to the firm.

14 FAM 622.2  Storage Abroad

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

Posts will arrange for packing, hauling, and preparation of effects incident to authorized storage abroad and will arrange for direct payment for services rendered in accordance with 14 FAM 623.

14 FAM 622.3  Transfer of Storage Lots

(CT:LOG-287;   08-24-2020)
(Foreign Service)

When a person's effects in storage with one company must be moved, for compelling reasons, to another company, the employee will receive prompt notification from the agency concerned.  In addition, when operationally feasible, an inspector from the Department or agency will be present during the transfer.  A/LM/OPS/TM will arrange this inspection.


(CT:LOG-287;   08-24-2020)
(Foreign Service)

Allowable expenses for storage of effects may include the cost of:

(1)  Storage;

(2)  Packing necessary to prepare the effects for storage;

(3)  Moth and other insect infestation preventative treatment on carpets/rugs in preparation for storage (employee may opt out of this process by informing their A/LM/OPS/TM counselor or their servicing Despatch Agency and their transportation service provider prior to pack out date);


(4)  Cartage incident to storage;

(5)  Warehouse labor charges;

(6)  Carting, warehouse labor charges, and unpacking effects when residence quarters are next occupied;

(7)  In cases involving continuing storage, if no adequate facilities for such storage are available at the place where the effects are located, expenses in connection with shipment of the effects to a designated place of storage must be allowable in accordance with the applicable provisions of 14 FAM 612;

(8)  Other miscellaneous expenses, not enumerated in this section, when necessarily incurred in connection with the storage of effects;

(9)  Services of designated storage firms, with which the Department has contracts or approved prices or arrangements.  If other firms are requested by an employee, approval must be authorized, in advance, by the Chief, Transportation Management Division (A/LM/OPS/TM).  If approved, the employee must pay any excess storage charges involved; and

(10)State, Commerce, and USAID only:  Expenses may be authorized for access to, segregation, and removal of effects already in storage for the purpose of shipping the effects to a new post of assignment (applies only to employees on permanent change-of-station assignments).  When an employee requests access to and segregation of effects, and the employee is unable to be present, employee's agency will, subject to limitations of personnel availability, have an inspector present.

14 FAM 623.1  Controlled Storage

(CT:LOG-287;   08-24-2020)
(Foreign Service)

a. Controlled storage may be authorized for items of high value except:  furniture, pianos, electronic items of any type, alcoholic beverages, motorized vehicles or conveyances of any type, and small, easily pilferable items such as jewelry and coin collections:

(1)  To be eligible for controlled storage, items must have a value of $2,100 or greater or must be part of a set which, as a set, has a value of $2,100 or greater.  A set is a group of items that belong together and are commonly used or displayed together; and

(2)  High-value items may be items that have special storage requirements, such as furs, art work, or other delicate items that require cold or controlled temperatures to prevent deterioration or damage.

b. Notwithstanding the criteria stated in paragraph a of this section, controlled storage of usable (in working condition) firearms may be authorized.  No appraisal or other proof of value is required for usable (in working condition) firearms. Employees reassigned from or to the Washington, DC area, and who are authorized and elect to store firearms at Department expense are required to hand deliver and hand retrieve their firearms at a Department contracted storage company.  The employee is responsible for ensuring their firearms are clear of ammunition prior to handing them over to the contracted storage company.  Ammunition, a hazardous material, is not a household effect (see 14 FAM 611.6) and therefore not allowed in any storage lot at USG expense.

c.  The stated value of each item must be supported by:

(1)  A purchase receipt showing the U.S. dollar value, the date and location of purchase, and the names of the vendor and the buyer if the item was purchased during the requesting employee’s current tour of duty; or

(2)  An independent certified appraisal conducted within 12 months of the date of the request by an appraiser who is a member of a recognized society of appraisers.  The appraisal must be accompanied by a statement of the appraiser’s qualifications, a list of all appraisal organizations of which the appraiser is a member, and the standards used to appraise the item(s).

In addition, the employee must provide a brief statement identifying each item that has one or more special storage requirements (such as cold storage) and the reason for such requirements.

d. The minimum weight requirement of 200 net pounds for continuous storage does not apply to controlled storage shipments (refer to 14 FAM 624 for information on the minimum weight requirements for all other storage shipments).

e. Requests for controlled storage must include an itemized inventory of the storage shipment and the supporting explanations and documents required under paragraph c of this section.  Such requests must be by memorandum on Agency letterhead and addressed to the appropriate office of the employing agency for approval and amendment of travel authorization:

State:  The Executive Director of the Bureau of Global Talent Management          GTM

USAID:  Travel and Transportation Division Chief (M/MS/TTD)

Commerce:  The HR Director, OFSHR

FAS:  The Director of the International Service Division (FAS/OFSO/ISD)

APHIS:  IS—Resource Management Support

14 FAM 623.2  Payment

14 FAM 623.2-1  Storage in United States

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

Payment of initial and recurring storage charges for effects stored in the United States are made directly by the Department or agency.  Annual renewals are automatic and do not require requests from the employee for continued authorization.

14 FAM 623.2-2  Storage Abroad

(CT:LOG-287;   08-24-2020)
(Foreign Service)

New storage lots will not generally be authorized for storage at posts.  Posts are, however, authorized to make direct payment for continuing storage of effects that are already being stored at posts.  Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year in which storage is required, posts must cable the Department, Attn.:  GTM/EX/ADM or the employing agency requesting funds for the annual renewal of storage.


(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

The total amount of effects stored and shipped must not exceed the limitations in 14 FAM 611.6-1.  Amounts of less than 91 kilograms or 200 pounds (net weight) must not be placed in storage at U.S. Government expense.  This minimum applies to each separate lot of effects, with the exception of those in authorized controlled storage.


14 FAM 625.1  General

(CT:LOG-287;   08-24-2020)
(Foreign Service)

a. Storage of motor vehicles may not be authorized or approved except in emergencies (see 14 FAM 628).

b. In such emergencies, one vehicle owned by the employee or eligible family member may be stored at U.S Government expense for a period not to exceed the employee's tour of duty plus an additional 3 months.  The vehicle must have been owned and in the employee's possession prior to the later of:

(1)  The employee's notification of assignment; or

(2)  The condition creating the emergency.

c.  When storage is authorized, in accordance with 14 FAM 628, the employee or eligible family member may be authorized shipment of one POV from the previous post of assignment (or point of origin, for a newly hired employee) to the new post of assignment.

d. The employee may select only one of the vehicles to be shipped at U.S. Government expense to an onward assignment or separation address (whichever is listed as the ultimate destination on the next permanent change-of-station order).

e. This provision applies to POVs stored in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area only.  When a POV is in emergency storage in accordance with 14 FAM 628.3 paragraph b or 14 FAM 628.3 paragraph c, an employee may request removal and a later return of the vehicle to the same type of storage at the same location, for the remaining time period as authorized in 14 FAM 628 and/or the applicable PCS travel authorization.  All expenses in conjunction with the removal and return of the vehicle, including those in conjunction with arrangements for local vehicle licensing and insurance required for the period of time the POV is in the employee's possession are the employee's personal responsibility.  In the event the authority and entitlement for emergency storage ends before the employee returns the POV to the authorized emergency storage location, the POV may not be returned to emergency storage.  Requests for approval to remove a POV from emergency storage and notification of return of a POV to emergency storage should be coordinated with the Transportation Management Division (A/LM/OPS/TM).

14 FAM 625.2  Emergency Storage Location for Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs)

(CT:LOG-287;   08-24-2020)
(Foreign Service)

Washington, DC and ELSO, Antwerp, Belgium are the authorized locations for the emergency storage of privately owned vehicles (POVs).  POV storage locations are identified for each post in 14 FAM Exhibit 621:

(1)  POVs sent to Washington, DC for emergency storage must be marked for emergency storage and consigned to the U.S. Despatch Agency, Baltimore, and must include the employee's name and agency in parentheses following the Despatch Agency information.  Instructions for proper Despatch Agent marking and consignment are available in 14 FAM Exhibit 614.6-1; and

(2)  POVs sent to ELSO, Antwerp, Belgium for emergency storage must be marked for emergency storage and consigned to ELSO, and must include the employee's name and agency in parentheses following the Despatch Agency information.  Instructions for proper Despatch Agent marking and consignment are available in 14 FAM 614.7 and 14 FAM Exhibit 614.6-1.


14 FAM 626.1  Periods of Temporary Storage

(CT:LOG-287;   08-24-2020)
(Foreign Service)

a. Storage of effects pending shipment is allowable from the date of the departure of the employee from employee's old post to new post or, in the case of a new employee, from the day of departure from new employee's place of residence until shipment is made.

b. Another period of temporary storage is authorized for a period of 90 days after the date of arrival of the employee at new post or the establishment of residence quarters, whichever is shorter; or 90 days from the date of arrival of the family member(s) at the separate maintenance allowance (SMA) location.  An additional period of up to 90 days may be authorized in extraordinary circumstances.

c.  Temporary storage is permitted during any period when the employee is absent from post under orders and residence quarters at employee's post are not maintained.

d. In connection with the separation of an employee from the Foreign Service, temporary storage is authorized for a period of 90 days for each separate storage lot of household effects and commences from the last day in pay status.  For effects originating abroad or in the United States (other than from storage), the 90 days of storage authorization begins the day the shipment arrives to the final destination warehouse at the selected separation location.  An additional period of up to 90 days may be authorized in extraordinary circumstances. Such determination will be made by:

(1) For State employees:  The Executive Director of the Bureau of Global Talent Management (GTM/EX);

(2) For Commerce employees:  The HR Director, OFSHC;

(3) For USDA/FAS employees:  The Director of the International Services Division (FAS/OFSO/ISD); and

(4) For USAID employees:  The post, bureau or independent office providing funding must submit an action memo to the Travel and Transportation Division Chief (M/MS/TTD) for consideration and approval.

14 FAM 626.2  Termination of Temporary Storage

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

Upon expiration of the periods above, no further temporary storage is paid by the U.S. Government unless specifically authorized in accordance with 14 FAM 627 and 14 FAM 628.

14 FAM 626.3  Storage in Transit

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

a. Storage-in-transit is the holding of a through bill-of-lading shipment in the warehouse of the carrier or its authorized agent.  This holding is authorized by a specific written order of an authorized representative of the U.S. Government, before delivery to the destination residence.

b. Placing a shipment in storage-in-transit does not constitute a delivery or completion of service.  Delivery of the shipment to the owner's residence and completion of services must be performed by the carrier after the goods are removed from storage-in-transit as a part of the through service at the single-factor rate.  Storage-in-transit must be authorized by issuance of an authorization for such storage (see format shown in 14 FAM Exhibit 626.3) signed by an authorizing officer at the post.

c.  This authorization (which may be reproduced locally) must be prepared in triplicate with the original and one copy retained by the authorizing post.  The carrier is required to submit the original of the authorization with its bill for such services.

d. Authorization for storage-in-transit may be given when all of the following conditions are present:

(1)  A through bill-of-lading shipment arrives at destination and the post or the employee-owner is unable to accept delivery;

(2)  The through bill-of-lading carrier has provided the post with adequate advance notice of availability of the shipment at destination (on shipments to or from the United States, 7 days' advance notice must be given by the carrier); and

(3)  The charges for handling in and out of storage, and the storage rate are not unreasonable.


14 FAM 627.1  When U.S. Government-Furnished Quarters Are Available

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

When it has been determined that suitable U.S. Government-furnished quarters are available for the employee, a limited shipment of effects will be authorized.  If the employee elects to ship all or a portion of the authorized limited shipment allowance, the balance of the applicable combined shipment and storage allowance will be available for continuous storage.  However, if the employee ships more effects to the post than may be accommodated in the quarters provided, these effects may not be placed in continuous storage at U.S. Government expense at the post.

14 FAM 627.2  U.S. Government-Furnished Quarters not Available

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

When it has been determined that U.S. Government-furnished quarters are not available and the employee has been granted a full shipment of effects, the employee may decide what proportion of effects within the combined shipment and storage allowance to ship or store.  Exercise care however, in deciding what to ship.  Those effects that are shipped and which will not fit into the employee's residence will not be placed in continuous storage at post at U.S. Government expense.

14 FAM 627.3  When Type of Quarters Is Unknown

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

Pending determination of the type of quarters to be occupied, a limited shipment will be authorized and continuous storage of the remaining effects within the employee's combined shipment and storage allowance will be authorized in accordance with 14 FAM 626.1.  If a determination is made by the gaining post that the employee will occupy unfurnished quarters, the TMFOUR (travel message four:  see definition in 14 FAM 511.3) will be amended to authorize full shipment of effects.

14 FAM 627.4  Changes in Occupancy Status

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

An employee is authorized and initiates a full shipment of household effects to a post because it was previously determined that U.S. Government-furnished quarters were not available.  Subsequently, U.S. Government-furnished quarters become available and the officer in charge at the post directs the employee to occupy those quarters.  In such an instance, the employee is authorized storage of excess household effects at the designated storage point for the post (see 14 FAM 622).  However, authority for storage of such effects must be included in the employee's travel authorization or amendment thereto.

14 FAM 627.5  Continuous Storage under Voluntary Separate Maintenance Allowance (SMA)

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

a. Upon commencement of the SMA grant, stored HHE may be accessed and all or part may be removed from the storage facility, shipped to the authorized SMA location(s), and delivered and unpacked at U.S. Government expense.  HHE will not be re-consigned to storage once accessed during the period of an SMA grant.

b. HHE in previously authorized storage facilities may remain in storage during the SMA period.

c.  For State:  Upon termination of the SMA grant of family members, any HHE located at the SMA residence which is designated for storage will be transported and consigned at U.S. Government expense to the U.S. Government authorized storage point if the employee is authorized continuing storage.

d. For USAID and Commerce:  Storage of all HHE not removed from the storage location will continue at the SMA location until the next travel authorization is issued authorizing removal of HHE.

e. For FAS and APHIS:  Each agency will designate a non-temporary storage facility:

(1)  FAS:  Contact MSD/Field Services Branch, Room 6068, South Building; and

(2)  APHIS:  Contact APHIS/IS-RMS, Room 668 FB, Hyattsville, MD.

f.  The combination of storage and all shipments to a subsequent post of assignment must not exceed the limits established in 14 FAM 611.6-1 or the travel authorization.

14 FAM 627.6  Permanent Removal

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

Access to, segregation and removal of a portion of effects already in storage at U.S. Government expense, or total removal of effects from storage, may be authorized in connection with permanent return travel of eligible family members to the United States (such as provided for in 14 FAM 532.6 covering the return of children over 21 years of age) or due to marital separation or divorce or statement of dissolution of domestic partner as defined in 3 FAM 1610 of an employee.  Delivery and shipment (if required) of household effects may be authorized from the storage location to the employee's service separation address of record in the United States.  Shipment to any other point would be made on a cost-constructive basis.  Removal of effects from storage may be authorized under this provision only if a legal property settlement exists or the employee otherwise agrees in writing and identifies those effects which are to be removed as the property of the spouse.  As removal from storage in such circumstances is intended to be permanent, return of the effects to storage will not be authorized at U.S. Government expense.


14 FAM 628.1  Authorized/Ordered Evacuation

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

Emergency removal, shipment, and storage of household effects and privately owned vehicles (POVs) may be authorized when the Under Secretary for Management (M) determines that it would be in the best interest of the U.S. Government and that it is feasible to do so.

14 FAM 628.2  Storage in Transit

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

a. When specifically authorized by the Under Secretary for Management (M), household or personal effects and privately owned vehicles (POVs) of the employees may be removed, shipped, and stored in transit at the nearest practicable place for the duration of the emergency.

b. Access to, or segregation or removal of all or a portion of effects, or privately owned vehicles (POVs) stored in transit at U.S. Government expense is not authorized.

c.  When the Under Secretary for Management (M) determines that the danger of loss or destruction is past, and when it is feasible to do so, the household or personal effects and privately owned vehicles (POVs) of the employees may be returned to the post from which they were shipped.

d. This authority to ship, store, and return household or personal effects and privately owned vehicles (POVs) expires with the effective date of the termination of the evacuation or not later than 180 days from the original date of the authorized evacuation.  At the end of this period, if it is not feasible to return effects to the post from which they were evacuated, they will be placed into continuous storage until issuance of the employee's next travel authorization, which includes the authority to transport effects.  Shipment will be considered an advance shipment in connection with the employee's travel upon completion of assignment to that post.

14 FAM 628.3  Other Emergency Storage

(CT:LOG-255;   10-03-2018)
(Foreign Service)

a. When the Under Secretary for Management (M) specifically authorizes, an employee may store furniture, household/personal effects, and a privately owned motor vehicle (POV) for the duration of the emergency and for an additional period not to exceed 90 days.

b. Emergency conditions warranting authorization of storage include, but are not limited to the following:

(1)  Non-availability of usual transportation facilities;

(2)  General civil disturbance or imminent threat thereof, including but not restricted to war, civil war, uprisings, riots, strikes, blockades, or martial law;

(3)  Acts of nature, including but not restricted to earthquakes, tidal waves, flood, fire, storm, or disease of pestilence resulting in quarantine or refusal of transportation or entry or exit of effects; and

(4)  Unusual import or export restrictions or obstructions, or other conditions recognized as emergencies and set forth on the document authorizing or approving storage payment.

c.  Emergency storage under this section may be done in conjunction with a permanent change of station, or in conjunction with a determination by the appropriate regional bureau director that such action is necessary.

14 Fam 629  unassigned

14 FAM Exhibit 621  
Post Storage Facility Locations

(CT:LOG-250;   07-02-2018)

The Department of State has designated storage facility locations for effects for all posts worldwide.  These storage facility locations are ELSO, Antwerp, Belgium and Hagerstown, MD for household effects (HHE), and ELSO, Antwerp, Belgium and Washington, DC for emergency storage of privately owned vehicles (POVs).

Post    Location



      Ottawa                 Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Calgary                Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Halifax                 Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Montreal              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Quebec                Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Toronto                Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Vancouver            Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Antigua and Barbuda

      St. John's             Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Nassau                 Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Bridgetown           Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Belize City            Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Hamilton              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Costa Rica

      San Jose              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Havana                Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Dominican Republic

      Santo Domingo      Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      El Salvador

      San Salvador        Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      St. George's          Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Guatemala City      Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Port-au-Prince       Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Tegucigalpa          Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Kingston               Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Martinique (Fr. Caribbean Dept.)

      Fort-de-France      Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Mexico City           Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Ciudad Juarez        Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Guadalajara          Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Hermosillo            Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Matamoros           Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Mazatlán              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Merida                 Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Monterrey            Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Nuevo Laredo        Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Tijuana                Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Netherlands Antilles

      (Curacao)             Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Managua              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Panama City         Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Trinidad and Tobago

      Port-of-Spain        Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)



      Buenos Aires         Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      La Paz                  Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Brasilia                 Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Porto Alegre          Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Recife                  Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Rio de Janeiro       Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Sao Paulo             Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Santiago              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Bogota                 Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Barranquilla          Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Quito                   Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Guayaquil             Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Georgetown          Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Asuncion              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Lima                    Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Paramaribo           Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Montevideo           Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Caracas               Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Maracaibo            Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)



      Tirana                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Yerevan               Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Vienna                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Salzburg               Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Baku                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Brussels               Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Antwerp               Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Sofia                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Zagreb                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Nicosia                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Czech Republic

      Prague                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Copenhagen         Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Tallinn                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Helsinki                Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Paris                    Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Bordeaux             Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Lyon                    Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Marseilles             Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Strasbourg           Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Tbilisi                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Berlin                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Bonn                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Frankfurt am Main  Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Hamburg              Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Leipzig                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Munich                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Stuttgart              Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Athens                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Thessaloniki          Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Holy See, The

      Vatican City          Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Budapest              Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Reykjavik             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Dublin                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Rome                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Florence               Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Genoa                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Milan                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Naples                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Palermo               Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Almaty                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Pristina                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Bishkek                Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Riga                    Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Vilnius                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Luxembourg         Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Valletta                Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Chisinau               Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Podgorica             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      The Hague            Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Amsterdam           Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Oslo                    Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Warsaw                Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Krakow                Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Poznan                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Lisbon                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Oporto                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Ponta Delgada       Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Bucharest             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Moscow                Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      St. Petersburg       Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Vladivostok           Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Yekaterinburg       Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Slovak Republic

      Bratislava             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Ljubljana              Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Madrid                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Barcelona             Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Bilbao                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Stockholm            Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Bern                    Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Geneva                Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Zurich                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Dushanbe             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Ankara                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Adana                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Istanbul               Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Izmir                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Ashgabat              Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Kiev                    Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      United Kingdom

      London                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Belfast                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Edinburgh             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Tashkent              Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Belgrade              Antwerp (HHE and POV)



      Cotonou               Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Gaborone             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Ouagadougou       Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Bujumbura           Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Cabo Verde

      Praia                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Yaoundé               Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Douala                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Central African Republic

      Bangui                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      N'Djamena           Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Moroni                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Congo, People's Republic of

      Brazzaville            Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Cote d'Ivoire

      Abidjan                Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Djibouti, Republic of

      Djibouti                Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Equatorial Guinea

      Malabo                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Addis Ababa          Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Libreville              Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Gambia, The

      Banjul                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Accra                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Conakry               Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Bissau                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Nairobi                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Mombasa             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Maseru                Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Monrovia              Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Tripoli                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Antananarivo         Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Lilongwe               Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Bamako               Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Nouakchott           Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Port Louis             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Maputo                Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Windhoek             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Niamey                Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Abuja                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Lagos                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Kaduna                Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Kigali                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Dakar                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Victoria                Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Sierra Leone

      Freetown              Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Mogadishu            Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      South Africa, Republic of

      Pretoria                Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Cape Town            Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Durban                Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Johannesburg        Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Khartoum             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Mbabane              Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Dar es Salaam       Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Lomé                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Kampala              Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Kinshasa              Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Lubumbashi          Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Lusaka                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Harare                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)



      Kabul                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Algiers                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Oran                    Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Manama               Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Dhaka                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Cairo                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Alexandria            Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      New Delhi             Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Bombay               Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Calcutta               Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Chennai               Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Madras                Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Baghdad              Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Tel Aviv                Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Jerusalem             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Amman                Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Kuwait                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Beirut                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Rabat                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Casablanca           Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Kathmandu           Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Muscat                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Islamabad            Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Karachi                Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Lahore                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Peshawar             Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Doha                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Saudi Arabia      

      Riyadh                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Dhahran               Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Jeddah                 Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

      Colombo              Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Damascus            Antwerp (HHE and POV)


      Tunis                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      United Arab Emirates

      Abu Dhabi             Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Dubai                   Antwerp (HHE and POV)

      Yemen Arab Republic

      Sanaa                  Antwerp (HHE and POV)



      Canberra              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Brisbane               Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Melbourne            Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Perth                   Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Sydney                Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Bandar Seri

      Begawan              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Rangoon              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Phnom Penh          Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      China, People's Republic of

      Beijing                 Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Chengdu              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Guangzhou           Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Shanghai              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Shenyang             Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Suva                   Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Hong Kong

      Hong Kong            Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Jakarta                Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Medan                 Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Surabaya             Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Tokyo                  Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Fukuoka               Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Naha                   Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Osaka-Kobe          Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Sapporo               Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Seoul                   Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Pusan                  Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Vientiane              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Kuala Lumpur        Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Marshall Islands

      Majuro                 Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Kolonia                Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Mongolia, People's Republic of

      Ulaanbaatar          Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      New Zealand

      Wellington            Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Auckland              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Papua New Guinea

      Port Moresby         Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Manila                  Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Cebu                   Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Singapore             Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Solomon Islands

      Honiara                Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Taipei                  Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Bangkok              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Chiang Mai            Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Songkhla              Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Udorn                  Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)


      Hanoi                   Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

      Western Samoa

      Apia                    Hagerstown (HHE) Washington (POV)

14 FAM Exhibit 626.3  
Format for Storage-In-Transit Authorization

(CT:LOG-1;   05-27-2005)


In connection with the transportation of household and/or personal effects of: ___________________________________________________________

moving under GBL number    _________ between     ___________________ and         ______________________ storage-in-transit at                __________ is hereby authorized for a period beginning ______________ and ending         ___________.


(Signature of Authorizing Officer)




(Post or Organization)


NOTE:  Posts type storage-in-transit authorizations as needed.