15 FAM 720 

Residential Furnishings

(CT:OBO-100;   04-14-2020)
(Office of Origin:  OBO)

15 FAM 721  POLICY

(CT:OBO-100;   04-14-2020)

The U.S. Government provides furniture, furnishings, appliances, and equipment (FFA&E) as determined by post, for U.S. Government-held residences. 

NOTE:  FF&E refers specifically to provisions from OBO.  FFA&E refers to items provided under the furniture and appliance pool program (FAP) (see 6 FAH-5 H-510).

15 FAM 722  Funding

(CT:OBO-100;   04-14-2020)

a. Furnished housing pool6 FAH-5 H-510 outlines the guidance on managing government-provided residential FFA&E.  Regional bureau ICASS funds provide FFA&E for all agencies in the consolidated FAP.  An agency's initial buy-in to the FAP is a direct charge to the agency; ongoing annual costs are included in the agency's ICASS invoice.  6 FAH-5 H-513.2-2 outlines information on items that may be provided. 

b. Marine Security Guard Quarters (MSGQ):  see 15 FAM 726, Marine Security Guard Quarters and 12 FAM 430 Marine Security Guard Program.

c.  Designated representational residences:  OBO’s Office of Residential Design & Furnishings funds specific FF&E for designated representational residences, as outlined in 15 FAM 730.

d. Dedicated residences:  Dedicated residences may be excluded from FAP.  Each agency is responsible for funding the requirements for their respective dedicated residence if it is not included in the FAP (see 6 FAH-5 H-512.5, paragraph f).  Posts should reference 15 FAM 253.3 for guidance on dedicated housing.

e. Capital construction projects:  FF&E funding for capital construction projects is subject to the Capital Security Cost Sharing (CSCS) agreement between the Department and affected agencies, but is typically included in the project funds.  OBO’s project-funded FF&E becomes the property of post’s FAP program and must be entered in ILMS.  If procurement documents are not available, post must enter the catalog price for each item and the estimated shipping cost.  Post is responsible for the repair/replacement of these items.

15 FAM 723  Provision of media equipment

(CT:OBO-100;   04-14-2020)

a. Special requirements for television and related equipment:  In principle, the U.S.Government does not fund the purchase or installation of televisions (TV) and related equipment intended for personal use (such as satellite dishes, receivers, decoders, etc.), except in the circumstances described herein.  This type of equipment is not considered a "necessary expense," and appropriated funds may not be used for this purpose.  Access to internet, cable, or satellite services is considered a personal choice, and the installation, maintenance, and actual service cost is a personal expense.

b. Designated residences:  The regional bureau approves and funds specialized media equipment for the family quarters in OBO-furnished properties of the Chief of Mission Residence (CMR)’s, Deputy Chief of Mission Residence (DCR)'s, Consul General Residence (CGR)'s when serving as Principal Officer (PO), and the U.S. Representative to an International Organization.  This is so employees can monitor local and international news; see 3 FAM 3255.4.  In ILMS, designate ownership of such equipment as ‘State-Program.’  OBO/RDF is responsible for funding media equipment for representational spaces of designated residences; categorize this equipment in ILMS as ‘OBO/RDF'; see 15 FAM Exhibit 732(A).

cDepartment of State Public Diplomacy officers:  The public affairs officer may authorize the provision of specialized media equipment (televisions, DVD players, satellite dishes, decoders, etc.) to employees whose positions require the monitoring of local and international programming.  The Public Diplomacy program allotment funds the purchase, installation, and ongoing maintenance/repair of all items that are provided.  Ownership of such equipment must be reflected in ILMS as State-PD.

d. Multi-media equipment for all other staff:  Posts may not use U.S. Government funds to provide satellite dishes and related equipment for other employees in the mission.  It is recommended that posts work with their employee association to provide this service (including the purchase of satellite dishes, decoders, and other equipment), and charge employees an appropriate fee.  Posts may loan a television and DVD player until the employee's HHE arrives; see 6 FAH-5 H-514, paragraph d.


(CT:OBO-100;   04-14-2020)

Each agency funds the requirements of their personnel.  See 15 FAM 730 for guidance on representational supplies for State-only designated representational residences.  All representational items for the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) minister-counselor (MC) residences require approval before purchase by the parent agency.  U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the USFCS may approve and fund uncrested representational supplies and other tableware for the USAID mission director, and the US&FCS minister counselor.  For guidance on representational supplies for the USAID mission director residence, see 15 FAM 780.

15 FAM 725  Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) Residences

(CT:OBO-64;   03-23-2018)

a. Posts with employees on Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) or Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) may consider establishing an appliance pool for these employees if provision of household appliances is appropriate and cost-effective.  Each post should establish a buy-in and annual assessment cost.  (See 6 FAH-5 H-512.4, subparagraph c(3).)

b. If an appliance pool is not available, but the agency wishes to fund the purchase, installation, and removal of household appliances for its employees, these costs are charged directly to the employing agency.

15 FAM 726  Marine security guard Quarters (MSGQ)

15 FAM 726.1  Consolidated Quarters

(CT:OBO-100;   04-014-2020)

The Department of State provides appropriate housing for the Marine Security Guard (MSG) detachment, as outlined in 15 FAM 248, and the most current Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Department and the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC).  The MOA gives specific details on provided FF&E and the appropriate funding source; see 12 FAM Exhibit 431(B).

15 FAM 726.2  Separate Quarters

(CT:OBO-64;   03-23-2018)

At all furnished posts, MSG personnel with separate quarters subscribe to post’s furniture and appliance pool (FAP) program and receive the same FFA&E as other employees in the housing pool; see 6 FAH-5 H-512.5, subparagraph e(5).

15 FAM 727  THROUGH 729 unassigned