15 FAM 750


(CT:OBO-64;   03-23-2018)
(Office of Origin:  OBO)

15 FAM 751  Policy

(CT:OBO-64;   03-23-2018)

a. The Interior Design Division, Office of Design and Engineering, Directorate of Program Development, Coordination and Support, Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO/PDCS/DE/ID), prepares a fully integrated interior design package for all capital construction projects.  For at least 2 years after the capital construction project is completed, do not make major alterations or improvements to the initial furniture, furnishings, & equipment (FF&E) without OBO approval; see 15 FAM 640.

b. All furniture destined for a controlled access area (CAA), including items with electrical components, must follow the secure procurement and logistics procedures established for the project. These are detailed in the Overseas Security Policy Board (OSPB) standards.

c. If post (or another entity) initiates a furniture purchase destined for the CAA, follow the procedures and guidelines for furniture purchase, shipping, storage, assembly, and placement.  (See 12 FAH-6 H-311.13, 12 FAH-6 H-312.13, 12 FAH-6 H-313.13, and 12 FAH-6 H-314.13.)  Items with electrical components are considered “uninspectable” and must be purchased using established secure procurement guidelines.  The regional security officer (RSO) is responsible for monitoring compliance with these standards.  Items may be subject to inspection by the Engineering Security Office/Engineering Services Center (ESO/ESC).

15 FAM 752  Definition

(CT:OBO-64;   03-23-2018)

a. Office furnishings include systems furniture, case goods, seating, lounge furniture, and office accessories.  OBO considers carpet and window treatments to be fixed interior finishes; therefore, incorporate them in the construction documentation for all new, renovated, and leased projects.

b. Fixed interior finishes and building specialties (including appliances, specialty storage, and signage) are replaced using post funds.

c.  Post is responsible for providing office equipment (computers, printers, modems, copiers, shredders, cell phones, telecommunications equipment, safes, workbenches, tools, medical equipment, etc.).

15 FAM 753  Funding

(CT:OBO-64;   03-23-2018)

a. For capital construction projects funded through the Capital Security Cost Sharing (CSCS) program, the Department of State (DOS) and other agencies fund their share of the initial furniture, furnishings, and equipment (FF&E) through their annual CSCS contributions.  For capital construction projects not funded by CSCS, OBO funds initial FF&E for Department personnel and for the Department's share of International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (ICASS) personnel.  Other agencies are responsible for giving funds to OBO for their FF&E and their share of FF&E for ICASS personnel.

b. For noncapital projects (renovations, major rehabilitation, lease fit outs, etc.), the regional bureaus fund the initial and replacement FF&E for Department personnel.  Other agencies fund their own initial and replacement FF&E, and ICASS funds FFA&E for all ICASS personnel.  The Office of the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs (R) funds items particular to its needs, e.g., American Centers.

c.  For projects funded through the Maintenance Cost Sharing Program (MCS), the Department and other agencies fund their share of the initial FF&E through their annual MCS contributions.

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