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(CT:MED-41;   03-07-2019)
(Office of Origin:  MED)


(CT:MED-41;   03-07-2019)
(Uniform/State/USAID/Commerce/Foreign Service Corps-USDA/USAGM)
(Applies to Civil Service and Foreign Service Employees)
(Participating ICASS Agencies)

a. Employees or their eligible family member(s) who are under chief-of-mission (COM) authority, who are medically evacuated to the United States will be advised prior to travel that their current medical clearance is suspended and that they must receive medical clearance from the Office of Medical Services (MED) prior to returning to post.

b. Patients who are evacuated to a medical evacuation site abroad will be advised prior to travel that their current medical clearance is suspended.  Patients must have their current medical clearance reviewed by the Foreign Service medical specialist (FSMS – medical provider, regional medical officer or regional medical officer/psychiatrist, as appropriate) responsible for coordinating medical care at the medical evacuation site before returning to their post of origin.  If the FSMS determines the need for a change in the medical clearance, the FSMS will request the clearance change from the Clearances Section of MED.  The FSMS managing the medevac will then notify the medical personnel at post via cable of the clearance change.

c.  The patient is responsible for initiating the clearance review with MED/CP/FP (Foreign Programs) when medical evacuation is to the United States or with the appropriate FSMS at the evacuation site when medevac occurs to a medevac location abroad.  See also 16 FAM 310, Medical Travel.  If the patient receives a Class 5 or Class 2 medical clearance that precludes their return to post, the employee will notify the Office of Career Development and Assignments (HR/CDA) and the relevant bureau.  Those assigned to agencies other than State will need to inform the relevant agency HR and their assignment officer.

d. An employee or eligible family member who proceeds to post without a valid medical clearance or waiver will not be eligible for medical benefits and related allowances, such as medical travel, medical per diem, hospitalization, and access to the health units.

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