1 FAM 520


(CT:ORG-271;†† 06-07-2012)
(Office of Origin:† PRM/EX)


(CT:ORG-132;†† 07-30-2004)

The Department of State through the Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM):

(1)† Directs the Departmentís population, refugee and migration policy development;

(2)† Determines the level of U.S. contributions to international organizations for humanitarian assistance and protection-related programs and participates on governing bodies of international organizations to ensure effective use of U.S. funds;

(3)† Recommends the number of refugees to be admitted annually to the United States to the President and directs programs for selection, processing, and transportation of refugees to be admitted to the United States;

(4)† Issues contracts, cooperative agreements, and grants to voluntary organizations to provide life-sustaining assistance and protection to refugees, conflict victims, and migrants;

(5)† Oversees efforts to encourage greater participation in refugee assistance and resettlement on the part of foreign governments;

(6)† Guides the activities of refugee assistance offices at U.S. diplomatic missions and of U.S. missions to international organizations concerned with refugee assistance, protection, and resettlement; and

(7)† Uses humanitarian diplomacy to increase access and assistance to those in need in the absence of political solutions; highlights the humanitarian impact of military and political action; and works with partners to ensure transition from relief to development.

1 FAM 521.1 †Responsibilities

(CT:ORG-271;†† 06-07-2012)

The Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM):

(1)† Has responsibility for formulating, implementing, managing, and evaluating U.S. population, refugee, and migration policies and programs under the overall direction and coordination of the Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights (J);

(2)† Determines the level of U.S. contributions to international organizations for humanitarian assistance and protection and reviews their activities to ensure effective use of U.S. funds;

(3)† Directs programs for the selection, processing, and transportation, initial reception and placement of refugees to be admitted to the United States, and the issuance of contracts, cooperative agreements, and grants to voluntary organizations to assist refugees;

(4)† Oversees efforts to encourage greater participation in refugee assistance and resettlement on the part of foreign governments;

(5)† Leads Departmentís response to humanitarian crises, coordinates policy and programs, serves as the Departmentís humanitarian focal point.† Responsible for humanitarian crisis planning and response;

(6)† Guides the activities of refugee assistance officers at U.S. diplomatic missions and of U.S. missions to international organizations concerned with refugee assistance, protection, and resettlement; and

(7)† PRM has substantive and coordinating responsibility for 1 FAM 520, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM).

1 FAM 521.2 †Organization

(CT:ORG-162;†† 09-12-2006)

See 1 FAM 521 Exhibit 521.1 for an organization chart of PRM.

1 FAM 521.3 †Authorities

(CT:ORG-162;†† 09-12-2006)

The Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) derives its authority from the following:

(1)† Presidential Directive 1945;

(2)† Displaced Persons Act of 1948;

(3)† Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, as amended;

(4)† Attorney General Parole Authority 1965;

(5)† Refugee Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-212);

(6)† Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962;

(7)† Executive Order 13276 (November 15, 2002);

(8)† Department of State Basic Authorities Act, as amended; and

(9)† Department of State Authorization Acts.


(CT:ORG-132;†† 07-30-2004)

a. The bureau has three deputy assistant secretaries reporting to the Assistant Secretary, who determines and assigns their duties.

b. The Assistant Secretary designates one of the deputy assistant secretaries as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, with such commensurate responsibilities as the Assistant Secretary delegates.

c.† Office directors report to the Assistant Secretary through the deputy assistant secretary as the Assistant Secretary designates.


(CT:ORG-162;†† 09-12-2006)

The Office of the Comptroller (PRM/C):

(1)† Is responsible for the overall financial management worldwide of the bureauís program appropriations for migration, refugee assistance, protection and admissions activities, including contributions and other funding arrangements with United Nations and other international organizations and in the preparation and execution of grants and cooperative agreements with U.S. and foreign nonprofit voluntary agencies and on behalf of other Federal agencies;

(2)† Ensures accurate accounting for the obligation and liquidation of all bureau funds and reviews and approves payments, analyzes financial reports, and implements financial audit recommendations;

(3)† Administratively closes all cooperative agreements and determines final costs;

(4)† Coordinates audits and inspections performed abroad by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and the General Accounting Office (GAO) on an array of PRM-funded activities; and

(5)† Coordinates and manages International Organization for Migration (IOM) and voluntary agency program efforts to collect refugee transportation repayments.


(CT:ORG-132;†† 07-30-2004)

The Office of the Executive Director (PRM/EX):

(1)† Provides executive direction and support to the bureau for all administrative services, including:

(a)† Human resources management, career development and counseling, assignments abroad, reassignments and transfers, training, employee services, performance and evaluation, employee benefits and retirement;

(b)† Financial management, administrative budget;

(c)† Information technology (IT) operations, development, management analysis, reporting; and

(d)† General services, mail and communication, space allocation, procurement, requisitions, telecommunication systems, travel policies, security (including emergency planning), imprest funds, and special projects;

(2)† Oversees implementation of the performance appraisal systems, providing guidance and monitoring effectiveness;

(3)† Acts as coordinator and liaison with various bureau offices to provide awareness and assistance regarding overall Department and bureau administrative requirements;

(4)† Develops and administers policies and control procedures for con-tract manpower resources;

(5)† Administers a positive program of equal opportunity and affirmative action for all persons in accordance with Department and other pertinent policies; and

(6)† Serves as bureau coordinator for internal controls, Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and General Accounting Office (GAO) audits and inspections, and other reporting requirements.


(CT:ORG-162;†† 09-12-2006)

The Office of Policy and Resource Planning (PRM/PRP):

(1)† Develops and ensures consistent implementation of policy on international refugee, migration, and other humanitarian issues including coordination with other U.S. Government agencies;

(2)† Represents the bureau in the Departmentís strategic planning process including preparation of the bureau performance plan;

(3)† Plans, formulates and justifies the annual program budget for the Migration and Refugee Assistance account and for the Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund (ERMA), and prepares recommendations to the President for the use of ERMA and for Congressional reprogramming and notification actions;

(4)† Manages the bureauís policy and program review system, ensuring consistent implementation and linkages of policy and resource allocation;

(5)† Coordinates budget-related activities with other Department of State bureaus and U.S. Government agencies;

(6)† Directs and guides the bureauís monitoring and evaluation activities to ensure appropriate use of resources;

(7)† Chairs Emergency Response Working Group for the bureau;

(8)† Directs policy development on civil/military humanitarian affairs;


(CT:ORG-132;†† 07-30-2004)

The Office of Multilateral Coordination and External Relations (PRM/MCE):

(1)† Plans, formulates, and directs the implementation of U.S. policy positions and strategies that address the full range of refugee, migration and other humanitarian issues in the UN system and in other multilateral organizations including the:

(a)† UN High Commissioner for Refugees;

(b)† International Committee of the Red Cross; and

(c)† International Organization for Migration;

(2)† Coordinates and conducts U.S. relations with other governments and with multilateral refugee and migration organizations on management and institutional humanitarian policy issues;

(3)† Conducts Congressional relations activities for the bureau;

(4)† Conducts bureau liaison with nongovernmental organizations;

(5)† Conducts public affairs and public diplomacy functions for the bureau; and

(6)† Develops and implements bureau initiatives on strategic global priority issues including refugee women, refugee children, gender-based violence and broader protection issues as they relate to the multilateral system.


(CT:ORG-132;†† 07-30-2004)

The Office of Refugee Admissions (PRM/A):

(1)† Formulates refugee admissions policy and programs for the U.S. Government;

(2)† Manages the U.S. refugee admissions program, including processing abroad and domestic initial reception and placement;

(3)† Establishes program policies and priorities and recommends annual regional ceilings for authorization by the President in consultation with the Congress;

(4)† Serves as primary liaison with State Department regional bureaus, other U.S. Government agencies (particularly the Department of Homeland Security [DHS], Department of Health and Human Services [HHS], the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI], and the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA]) and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on refugee admissions issues;

(5)† Provides oversight of the refugee-processing infrastructure abroad administered by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), international organizations (IOs), and in-house embassy operations;

(6)† Coordinates refugee processing policies and activities with DHS/Citizenship and Immigration Services and HHS/Office of Refugee Resettlement;

(7)† Manages the program for the initial reception and placement of refugees through national agencies that maintain a network of affiliates throughout the United States;

(8)† Provides oversight for the Refugee Processing Center that manages the Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System (WRAPS), and manages the flow of refugee processing data between refugee processing entities abroad and domestic refugee processing entities;

(9)† Manages cultural orientation programs abroad to provide a basic introduction to life in the United States through classroom instruction and/or multimedia presentations and written materials;

(10) Provides liaison with state refugee coordinators and local service providers regarding refugee placement in the United States; and

(11) Provides information to the public about the U.S. refugee admissions program.

1 FAM 528 †OFFICE OF POPULATION and International migration (PRM/PIM)

(CT:ORG-162;†† 09-12-2006)

The Office of Population and International Migration (PRM/PIM):

(1)† Directs Stateís international population and migration policy formulation and implementation in order to further the Departmentís goal of promoting healthy and educated populations and supporting orderly and humane migration;

(2)† Represents the United States on the governing bodies of relevant international and multilateral organizations such as the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and the UN Commission on Population and Development (UNCPD);

(3)† Leads in international and regional fora to review lessons learned, share best practices, and reexamine benchmarks and indicators vital to monitoring global efforts to achieve a healthy and sustainable world population, and to promote orderly migration;

(4)† Works in close cooperation with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), international organizations, and nongovernment organizations (NGOs) and the advocacy community on population and migration policies;

(5)† Works to increase national and international awareness of population and migration issues and integrate these issues into broader economic growth and sustainable development strategies;

(6)† Develops and administers bureau migration policy and programs, including regional and international migration dialogues, migrantsí rights, migration management capacity-building activities and programs providing protection and assistance† to victims of trafficking in persons; and

(7)† Serves as the Departmentís secretariat for Temporary Protected Status and participates in the Presidential Directive 27 (PD-27) process regarding migration.


(CT:ORG-162;†† 09-12-2006)

a. There are three offices of refugee assistance with responsibilities for their respective geographic areas:

(1)† The Office of Assistance for Africa (PRM/AFR) is responsible for all countries located on the continent of Africa;

(2)† The Office of Assistance for Europe, Central Asia and the Americas (PRM/ECA) is responsible for the countries located in Europe, Central Asia, and the Americas; and

(3)† The Office of Assistance for Asia and Near East (PRM/ANE) is responsible for the countries in Asia and the Pacific as well as the Near East (to include the Middle East); it also coordinates U.S. policy and program issues related to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

b. Each office performs the following functions related to its particular geographical region(s):

(1)† Develops policy within State and the Administration, as appropriate, on refugee and humanitarian issues;

(2)† Promotes U.S. interests by providing leadership and guidance to international humanitarian organizations;

(3)† Develops, plans, organizes and assists in the implementation of immediate responses to specific humanitarian crises;

(4)† Provides oversight and management, including monitoring and evaluation of the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) contributions, for humanitarian assistance and protection activities that are undertaken by international and nongovernmental organizations funded by the bureau;

(5)† Coordinates U.S. Government polices and funding with other major donor countries;

(6)† Monitors the protection of refugees in countries of asylum, intervening when necessary to advocate in consultation with the Office of the Legal Adviser adherence to international refugee law;

(7)† Promotes voluntary repatriation, local integration, or resettlement in third countries for refugees in countries of asylum as durable solutions; and

(8)† Provides guidance on humanitarian issues to embassy refugee officers posted worldwide.

1 FAM 521 †EXHIBIT 521.1

(CT:ORG-162;†† 09-12-2006)


Organization chart for the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migrations (PRM)