9 FAM 504.10

Immigrant Visa Issuance

(CT:VISA-1268;   04-21-2021)
(Office of Origin:  CA/VO)

9 FAM 504.10-2(C)  Information to Include on the Immigrant Visa (MRIV)

9 FAM 504.10-2(C)(1)  Visa Recipient Name

(CT:VISA-1268;   04-21-2021)

a. Consistent Spelling of Aliens' Names on Visas and Passports:

(1)  In order to avoid difficulty in identifying and processing aliens coming into the United States, DHS requires that an alien's name be spelled on Form I-94, Arrival and Departure Record, exactly as the name appears on the alien's passport.  You must assist DHS by ensuring that the names of visa applicants are spelled the same on their visa applications Form DS-260, Online Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, immigrant visas, and passports.  If an alien's name has been misspelled on the passport, the alien must have the passport amended to show the correct spelling.  All other documents must also show the same correct spelling.

(2) An applicant who marries subsequent to the filing of the petition Form I-130, Petition For Alien Relative, or Form I-140, Immigrant Petition For Alien Worker, but prior to visa issuance, and changes her or his name must indicate this change on Form DS-260, Online Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, by answering yes to "Have you ever used another name (i.e., maiden, religious, professional, alias, etc.)?" and listing her or his prior name and any other surname in the "Other Surnames Used (maiden, religious, professional, alias, etc.)" field.  If Form DS-260 has already been submitted, the applicant must advise the consular officer of the marriage and name change to ensure that Form DS-260 is amended.  Posts must enter the prior name into IVO as an alias.  It is not necessary for an applicant falling within the purview of this note to obtain a new or amended passport unless local regulations so require.

b. Alias Information: Posts must enter alias information into IVO as part of applicant entry.  Posts must limit alias information to names that identify the individual.  Posts must include maiden names, anglicized names, which may have been used in the United States, and other distinct names used by the alien.  Posts must not, however, include nicknames derived from the real names.

c.  Spanish Name Indexing:  Posts must enter Spanish names into IVO in strict compliance with the instructions in 9 FAM 303.2-14.  These instructions accord with the DHS indexing system and must be followed.  Posts must enter Spanish names in the same sequence on visa applications, visas, and passports.

9 FAM 504.10-2(C)(2)  "City and Country of Birth" and "City and Country of Last Residence"

(CT:VISA-1;   11-18-2015)

a. Posts must enter the city and country of birth into IVO.  If applicable, enter the region of birth as well.  "CITY AND COUNTRY OF LAST RESIDENCE" refers to the last residence outside the United States.  Do not enter a U.S. address into this data field.

b. Exception for Tibetans:  Applicants of Tibetan origin who are properly chargeable to China have occasionally vehemently protested the policy of showing China on their immigrant visa (IV) as their country of chargeability and/or place of birth.  In such instances, the general policy of showing the country of chargeability and the fact that Tibet is part of China for visa chargeability purposes must be explained to the applicant.  You may make exceptions to showing China as the country of chargeability in individual cases upon consideration of all the circumstances, provided that the internal records of the Department clearly permit the visa to be tracked to China for chargeability purposes.  This may be done by entering the code "CCCC" into the computer program that generates Form OF-155-B, Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, which will result in "unassigned" appearing in the relevant places on the visa.

9 FAM 504.10-2(C)(3)  "Mother's First Name" and "Father's First Name"

(CT:VISA-1;   11-18-2015)

Posts must ensure that only the first (given) name of each parent is entered in the IVO data fields.  Only in the case of a hyphenated name should more than a single name be included.  Additional names or the full name should not be included.

9 FAM 504.10-2(C)(4)  "Final Address in the United States"

(CT:VISA-979;   11-27-2019)

Posts must ensure that the final address in the United States is complete and accurate, including a ZIP code when it can be determined.  This is the address that DHS will use to mail the applicant the "green card."  Posts must enter the State in the form of the official two-letter U.S. postal code.  Post must specify "care of" (c/o) to the principal resident at the U.S. address entered into the relevant IVO data fields.  Failure to indicate the "c/o" designation may result in the return of the green card to the DHS.

9 FAM 504.10-2(C)(5)  Amerasian Notation Under Public Law 97-359

(CT:VISA-1;   11-18-2015)

Public Law 97-359 requires DHS to report statistics on Amerasians and their dependents who receive immigrant visas (IV) under the terms of that law.  So that DHS inspectors at ports of entry (POE) may be able to identify these cases, use the appropriate immigrant visa codes listed in IVO; they begin with the letter "A."